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What is the Topic Page?

These short stories are written by Dennis Nease.  That’s me 😊


I write these stories with spiritual application in mind.  I may use names in some of them and they are merely names that I’ve given to a character.  Please don’t think I’ve chosen any of these names to represent somebody I know personally! 


So, what is spiritual application? 


Well, Jesus taught the people with parables, right?  He would say, “The Kingdom of heaven is like this……”.      Jesus was teaching us how to understand the Kingdom while we’re yet here on the earth.  He uses the things we have seen to teach us of the things that cannot be seen.  In other words – He uses the flesh, to teach us about the spirit. 


Now, by No means, am I able to teach like Jesus did!  So I’d be content if you never looked at these stories of mine, but instead went straight to the life giving words of The Lord himself!  But I write these stories because the Kingdom of God is never-ending!  These stories are only a glimps.  They are meant to spark conversation within ourselves and our community.  To fix our minds on heavenly things.  To apply the things learned, from the story, to our spirit! 


Now, by ALL means, feel free to add to the discussion!  You can leave a simple comment or ask a question in the comment section of that topic.  You can also email me direct with your thoughts!   … I would LOVE to have discussion!


Thank you so much!     - Dennis

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