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The Sage

          The old wise man said to his companion  “ I am aware – there is much that I do not know…. It’s a sobering truth…. This, I do know:  That what I do know, was given to me by The Creator.  The giver of knowledge.”


His companion replied, “We are the ones who gain our knowledge with the things we see, hear, touch, smell, taste.  Then, we process the information and develop thoughts, opinions, theories, and then turn it into knowledge.  Almost like consuming food and water within our physical body is digested and turned into energy.  (or a lack OF energy, depending on what was consumed)”.


Wise man:  “ Yes!  And so, just as the body has the ability to digest our food and water, so the mind has the ability to think.  This is the gift! …   My actions are powered by my knowledge.  Would I be correct to say that knowledge in the mind is like energy in the body? “


Companion:  “Well, I think we may have just discovered that, yes.”


Wise man:  “There seems to be a desire within The Creator that there would be an “energy” created throughout the people.  Knowledge throughout the people.    Unfortunately, He has an enemy who would like to keep them from possessing knowledge and so he has spread abroad his poison, that we would consume it!  That we would see it, hear it, touch it, smell it, and taste it – creating a LACK of knowledge.  But the creator would like the people to be full of knowledge! – being then, full of Life!

The Athlete

     “I’m just not as thirsty this time of year.” He thought to himself…..  Ya see, Adrian was a great athlete!  He’s been at it for quite some time.  When he was a kid, it came naturally; backyard football, soccer, basketball… One kid said, “You name it – Adrian’s good at it!” 

     But he’s at an age now, when it doesn’t come so naturally.  He’s gotta work for it!  Adrian has said that he always has to be mindful of what he’s eating because it hugely effects his performance.  He knows the obvious:  “The more water that I drink, the better my body feels and performs”.  So he keeps his intake high.  But this time of year is tough because it’s cold and he’s not as active.

      Each year has gotten harder for Adrian to bounce back into shape! He thinks to himself things like this:  “I need to be drinking more water!”     “These things don’t heal as fast as they used to!”     “I should start a workout this week!”  …. But then he distracts himself with his phone or the tv…

       --- What if the Bible was the water - which is Jesus, who IS The Word, who IS Jesus - who IS God... 

The Apprentice

           I was told once, "Discipleship is like apprenticeship," and I couldn't agree more! In fact, the dictionary defines an apprentice as - a person who learns a job or skill by working for a fixed period of time for someone who is very good at that job or skill.

            In this case, that "someone" who is very good at the job or skill is Jesus; and the person who learns the job or skill by working for the fixed time is the disciple.

           So what is the "job or skill" that is to be learned? Abide in His word (John 8:31), love one another (John 13:35), glorify God, abide in His Love, keep His commandments (John 15:7-10). All of these things are what is to be learned. This is the "job or skill" that Jesus is very good at.

           The Lord tells us in Luke 14 that if anyone comes to me and does not hate his father and mother, and wife and children, and brothers and sisters, yes, and even his own life, he cannot be my disciple. This means there is a decision to be made! The apprentice has decided that he wants to learn this "job or skill" and has "signed up" - so to speak. The disciple has done the same. He has measured the cost, and the fixed period of time. 

          The cost is his own life - submission to his master. The fixed period of time is the rest of his life. Still, the disciple, just as the apprentice, knows the final result of his learning, and signs up!       ~ EnduranceRadio

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