Our Mission here at EnduranceRadio is to make Disciples. Creating a Positive atmosphere, we Encourage the brethren to Endure in this race! To bring about the building up of one another - unto the ultimate goal of the building up of the body of Christ. EnduranceRadio provides a tool to exercise our spiritual Endurance, our Discipline, and most of all - Discipleship!

    “How then are they to call  upon him in whom they have not believed? But how are they to believe him whom they have not heard? And how are they to hear, if no one preaches? And how are men to preach unless they be sent”.  Romans 10:14

          There’s a boy who grew up in the hard side of town, south of the tracks. He’s 16, comes from a broken home, and always has those headphones on. He’s walking down the alley with his boyz when they  encounter a rival gang member, tagging a garage.    Carlos tells the crew-  “watch this.” -    as he pulls his headphones down around his neck and  approaches the tagger.

   “I’ve got something for ya” Carlos says to the dude in the wrong color, and as he was reaching into his back pocket, the rival gang member feared for his life.

   Carlos pulled out a pocket bible and hands it to the dude. He and the crew continue on and the tagger is stunned to be alive and intrigued to read!

   You see, Carlos had been listening to Endurance Radio and it got him interested in the bible. Before he knew it, he was connecting with the peeps at ER. "Now THIS is music!" He thought to himself. And the rest is history.

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At Endurance Radio, we encourage prayer and edification. We strive  for Community Unity!